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Founded in 2022, The Love Loft is a dream come true for owners Jannet & Jade.

Home to Jannet's art studio and other intentionally curated items that infuse more love and positivity into the world. Each item has been carefully chosen with the hope to spark more joy and remind us to live more purposefully. 

Jannet & Jade's mission is to have love be at the forefront of everything they do and to create a space rooted in compassion and respect where all are welcome.  Their desire is to have The Love Loft be a vehicle for other makers to share their voice and showcase their work.

Jannet and Jade have big dreams for The Love Loft, which they know will evolve and grow over time. They cannot wait to welcome you. 
Come and be surrounded by the love! 




Jannet and Jade met in 2011 and as they entered into a committed relationship they vowed to do the work required to be the best versions of themselves and to show up fully for one another.
Together they had a dream to move to Prince Edward County and opportunities arose in 2020 to make this possible much earlier than they anticipated. 
They found the most perfect home with an existing carriage house which previously was a glass blowing studio. This home couldn’t have been more perfect to make their dream a reality.

Throughout their relationship they have learned about life, love, and the moments that matter most. The Love Loft was born as an extension of those lessons and their love for each other. 


Jannet and Jade would like to  acknowledge that The Love Loft is located on the traditional territory of the Huron - Wendat, Anishnaabe and Haudenosaunee peoples.
You can find The Love Loft in the charming little village of Bloomfield, in the heart of Prince Edward County. Bloomfield has been welcoming visitors for over 200 years.

More Information
Jannet Haitas

In 2008, at the One of a Kind craft show, Jannet happened upon her first encaustic painting. She was instantly drawn in and felt a deep pull to explore the medium. She has always been intuitively creative, but until then had never found anything that truly resonated. She took her first encaustic class and from that moment on she was hooked. The process of working with this medium was so raw, luscious, and magical that she couldn’t help but fall in love.

Committing to her creativity gifted her the ability to know herself better and has helped her find her voice. Showing up at the canvas always brings to light something she needs to be made aware of, reminding her to be present. Painting has truly been a source of healing for Jannet, giving her an outlet to express more of what she wants to see in the World.

As she found her voice through her art, Jannet was encouraged by loved ones to start sharing her work with others. To her, taking this step felt so vulnerable but with each new opportunity she realized what a gift this was. Jannet started to witness others get emotional while experiencing her work and she realized she had found a new means of connection. There was a beautiful exchange taking place where Jannet unleashed her heart and soul in her art and by doing so others felt seen and understood. It became a reciprocal honouring of each other’s journey’s.   

Jannet has shown her work with Jade’s fierce support at a variety of different shows such as The Artist Project and the One of a Kind. You can find out more about Jannet’s work by visiting her website at:


Since participating in various shows Jannet and Jade have had the great honour of meeting many talented artists and makers. They have such a deep appreciation for handmade items as they recognize how much love, time, attention and detail go into making these items, from start to finish. This is why all of the items at The Love Loft are handmade.  

You will find that some of these items are collaborations with other makers. These individuals have been thoughtfully chosen for their positive energy and a passion for their craft. Collaborations will be limited editions and every year their hope is to have new collaborations and makers join The Love Loft.

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